About Me

Why did I start Desert Paw?
I discovered my high energy husky, Nova, is much happier with me home. I started working from home with Covid-19 like many of us. She went from suffering from PICA (a disorder where she eats almost anything) and being super high energy to being completely content to sleeping on the couch all day. She just likes to see me. She had separation anxiety. I want to stay at home after Covid-19 is over.

About The Owner
My name is Jessica. I’m in my early 30’s and I have wanted to have a dog since childhood. I waited for dog ownership until I had space. That meant I waited until I moved to Arizona 5 years ago. We love it here. I love all animals but I especially love my dog. Nova helped me make it through depression. She is always there after I come home for kisses and cuddles.  The picture is of us at a pet expo in Scottsdale where she surfed for the first time. Our goal is to go see the pacific ocean and play in the ocean. She’s a water dog!